How did I get here?

As a little girl, you could find me perched by the water observing animals and insects, picking up gooey things on beaches, turning over rocks to find crabs, jumping in every lake I could, and climbing every tree and large rock in sight. My dad taught me from a young age to identify native plants and trees while my mom taught me how to plan and prepare for trips outdoors. These experiences early on translated into an ever-growing passion and love for outdoors, adventure, and the environment.

What happened next?

My love for learning about ecosystems and natural processes lead me to study Geography and Environment in college and now at university. At Douglas College, I was a part of a field school to Belize which allowed me to build a multidisciplinary approach to learning. In my work and volunteer life, my interest in the natural world has driven me to experience working on farms, in the forest as a dog hiker, and in environmental restoration projects.

What have I learned?

I have learned that I love learning and growing by challenging myself. This is a good thing because there is always more to learn. My experiences have taught me that you never know what you are capable of until you try. I have expanded my global perspective and sense of understanding. I have learned how to be a leader and teammate as well as how to work independently. I have learned how to communicate effectively to groups and individuals and to approach conflict with maturity, honesty, and respect.